X-BAR Buggy Magnetic Assembly Vehicles, 29 Piece Action Driver Set

51Gr 55qDsL. AC51yGCqLC9oL. AC51+Jd NEQHL. AC buynow3 The Buggy Street set of magnetic building vehicles combines the connective power of X-Bar with working wheels and vehicle frames. Motion, the transmission of force, and imaginative scenarios all come alive with the nine different vehicles included. Utilizing magnetic bars and steel balls, a child can assemble various vehicles with interchangeable parts, and become familiar with the principles of magnetism.
Set of 29 building pieces: undercarriages, bars, wheel sets, and frames to build 3 different street cars (1 offroader, 1 racer, 1 classic). Plus 11 additional x-bars and 6 steel balls.
Develop motor skills, engage spatial thinking and principles of magnetism and motion, and engage in imaginative play.
Create solid, reinforced vehicles that stay together until pulled apart.
Patented cogwheel edges reinforce connections between bars.
Ferromagnetic steel balls allow for connection of two bars at any angle, and no matter their orientation.,


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