WINTAI 64PCS Magnetic Balls and Rods Set Building Sticks Blocks Vibrant Colors Different Sizes Curved Shapes Children Educational Stacking STEM Magnet Toys for Kids Age 3+, 12.5×9.3×2.5 inches

★This is a charming toy with soft colors and shapes that everyone likes. The rounded edges are very safe for children. The products have been professionally tested and tested, are non-toxic and lead-free, have the American Children’s Commodity Certificate, and are made of high-quality materials. ★Our toys can spell out various 3D patterns, spell out two-dimensional plane patterns, spell out number shapes, and spell out letters and so on. ★Using the magnet set, you can experience the fun of turning imagination into reality with your children. This product is the best game to cultivate children’s patience, stacking skills and creative thinking, and at the same time cultivate children’s artistic perception and conceptual understanding of colors and architecture. For many preschool children, this toy has been recognized by more parents. It can promote the intellectual development of preschool children and attract children’s attention. If the game can be coupled with the participation of parents, the relationship between children and their parents will be closer. .
★Made of high quality ABS plastic.All parts are larger than 3cm and round edges make it safe for kid to play.
★The building set includes 64 pcs:18 balls,8 bend bars,16 long bars,22 short bars.
★ Easy to connect and disconnect,can build 2D and 3D models according to different ideas.Help children recognize colors and shapes,promote their imagination and creativity when stacking.
★Educational building toy suitable for age 3+ children to develop intelligence.Perfect for play with kid at home,school,kindergarten or outdoor.It is a best gift for children.
★It meets the safety standards of children’s products in European and American countries, and complies with EN71, CPC and other certificate standards. It is absolutely reliable and safe for children,