nuages 2000 Suspension

Cloud used as a kite / cerf volant volé?

THE ORIGINAL? Artwork named “Suspension” – 1999 Click the image to enlarge Source : ParkeHarrison Artists : Shana &R ParkeHarrison (USA) LESS ORIGINAL Louis Vuitton Print Ad – 2022 Click the…

Surprising Distance Learning

13 Virtual School Activities that Students & Educators Love

Virtual school activities are a great way to engage students in learning. However, virtual activities do not always have to be reserved only for homeschooled students. These activities can be…

Sleeping crocodile 2016 Sambba2

creative laziness? / Sans contrefaçon, je frôle la duplication!

THE ORIGINAL? Univali Foundation – 2016 “Your clothes weren’t made to be kept waiting. Donate” Source : Adeevee Agency : Sambba (Brazil) LESS ORIGINAL NewMaq Washing Machine – 2022 “With delicate…

coussin 2011 Milk Sweden copie

Pink Cushions with an anomaly inside / Coussins très cousins?

THE ORIGINAL? MIO Furniture Store x Cancerfonden – 2010 Pillows sewn with a smaller one in each pillow. Source : Guldagget, AD Forum / Act responsible Agency : Milk Gothenburg (Sweden)…


Scammers are Unforgiving on Student Loan Relief

Great news for student borrowers everywhere: the White House has announced a plan for student loan relief. There are currently 45 million borrowers in the U.S. with debt totaling over $1.6 trillion….

dentition 2017 Rebrander Serbia

A toothless smile / Souriez, vous êtes copiés!

THE ORIGINAL? Anti-Smoking creative cigarette pack – 2016 “Quit smoking before it’s too late” Source : Graphis Advertising Annual GOLD Agency : Rebrander (Serbia) LESS ORIGINAL Anti-Smoking creative cigarette pack…

Kids on tablet

How Is Pre-K Utilizing Children’s EdTech?

Image Source: Pexels Pre-K often has the reputation of largely introducing children to socialization and collaboration through play. Yet, it can be a vital formative experience in children’s lives. Pre-K…

Verger 2019 TBWAparis copie

Transparent posters and apple trees / Il y a comme un pépin?

THE ORIGINAL? Système-U Supermarkets – 2019 “Our apples are from here” Source : Communication Arts Agency : TBWA Paris (France) LESS ORIGINAL Sainsbury’s / Taste the difference – 2022 “Danish…

ask 2341784 1920 1024x683 1

5 Ways Edtech Companies Show Customers They Care

Good vendors will learn who you are and what you need help with before making any attempt to sell their offerings. Sharing a few tips for the vendors in the…

LinkedinPets 2019 Grey

LinkedIn profiles for dogs / Nous prendrait-on pour des truffes?

THE ORIGINAL? Haçiko / Pets Adoption – 2019 “Dogs looking for jobs” Watch The Case Study Source : Kristal Elma Award, The Dots Agency : Grey Istanbul (Turkey) LESS ORIGINAL Rescatame Fundation / Pets…