Tubelox Deluxe Building Set – The Ultimate Kids STEM Toy Set – Create Anything – Supports Kids Weight for Endless Possibilities | 220 Piece Set

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TubeLox is a STEM toy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) perfect for educational application while enhancing creativity with active and imaginative play.
TubeLox is a life-sized construction toy that allows kids to use their creativity while designing and building their own play. With this toy, fabricate anything from sizeable sturdy structures, to usable cars, homes and rocket ships. Who doesn’t want their kids to play with toys that will awaken the brilliance in them? With TubeLox, kids can apply practical skills and real life application while learning and having a blast. TubeLox is an educationally awakening toy that is fun!
With this set, you get it all! The tubes connect with colorful attachment pieces and locking adapter clips. This allows for the toy to be sturdy and stable enough to play on unlike most constructive toys. The wheels and panels are essential. Children love building cars and testing their work with a zip around the house or the neighborhood. TubeLox is a social toy joining friends and families together while building, learning and playing. It’s not just for kids!,


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