Triple Necklace Jewelry Layering Clasp, Cauwsai 18K Gold Plated Magnetic Necklace Clasp Elegant Jewelry Clasp Converter for Necklaces, Bracelets, Jewelry Crafts, Gold/Rose Gold/White Gold (Gold),

Cauwsai Necklace layering can be easier – no more tangle!
This gold plated necklace clasp helps to get you rid from the tangles of necklace, with the triple layering design, you can easily wear 3~5 necklace or bracelets at the same time.

18K pure gold plated, elegant and luxury to perfectly match your various necklace and bracelets. Made of titanium alloy which features lead-free, nickel-free, zinc alloy-free, water resistant, it’s eco-friendly, safe, lighter and thinner than stainless steeland healthy for any types of skin.

The elegant triple layering clasp will be a great gift for wife, girlfriend or mother to deliver surprise in birthday, Wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc., .

Great necklace clasp to deliver surprise.

Triple layering is perfect for 3~5 necklace or bracelets at the same time.

Show more of your beauty and charming, perfectly match your various jewelry.

Strong magnetic power with large bearing capacity of 4lb.

Easy to use.

You only need to clasp the spring ring to the end ring of your necklace clasp, the get the layering necklace or bracelets, easy to use.


Material: Titanium alloy

Process: 18K pure gold plated

Design: Triple necklace clasp

Package Content:

1 * 18K Gold Plated Triple Layering Clasp in Box
18K PURE GOLD PLATED – The triple layering clasp with 18K gold plated to offer a stylish luxury of elegance and perfectly match with your various necklaces, whether it is a wedding, business banquet, or other occasions, it is your best choice. Now you can wear 3 necklaces in layer at the same time, great and simple addition for your necklace.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL -Our layering necklace clasp closure is made of titanium alloy and the only product made of titanium alloy materials, higher cost, nickel free, lead-free, zinc alloy-free,water resistant, eco-friendly safe and healthy for any types of skin, lighter and thinner than stainless steel, great for long time wearing.
STRONG MAGNETIC CLASP – This necklace clasp feature strong magnetic power (loading capacity of 4lb) to allow you easily connect the necklace together, just clasp the spring ring to the end ring of your necklace clasp, which makes it easy for you to use.
MAKE YOU MORE CHARMING – Redefine the way you wear jewelry, this 18K gold plated necklace clasp is great for making multi-layer of necklace, bracelets, you can freely change your styles to show your beauty and charming, making you more elegant.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – The weight of the product is only 0.02 pounds (10g). If you feel heavy wearing it, it is because the necklace is too light or too heavy and the length is slightly shorter, which causes the necklace to pull back. Please adjust between the three rings according to the actual situation and choose the best Match. Feel free to contact us if there is any issue with the clasp.,