TOI Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle Boxes for Kids Age 3-7,Shape,Preschool Tabletop Toy for Toddlers Kids,Promoting Hand-Eye Coordination

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magnet boxmagnet box

TOI is aimed to provide jigsaw puzzles and board games for kids and adults all around the world. Our designs are special for different ages and consumers. Everyone could seek relaxness and fun from TOI.

√Brand: TOI – an international brand of puzzles and board games, founded on quality, creative and practicality.√Educational: These toys develop children’s intellect and train their abilities in hand- coordination and thoughts.√Durable: We adopt high-quality raw materials to ensure their durability for greater experiences.√Service: If any problems, please ask help for us at that time.

magnet boxmagnet box

NOTE: What You Get 1 Magenetic BOX Magnet Particles Several Reference Cards Provenance & Ideas

Magnetic Puzzle Box is designed by our new and well-known artists and illustrators, especially for kids.

Unawares, they enhance wisdom, promote friendship, and build foundation for future endeavors in society.

TOI Board Game for Team and Creative Play Non-Digital, but Modern

-Spread pieces on the floor for kids to play

-Place on the table for partner entertainment

-Take to school, club, church, or nursing home

-Glue together and frame for home display

-Give a thoughtful holiday or birthday gift

magnet box

magnet box

magnet box

magnet box

magnet box

magnet box

Magnetic Puzzle Boxes

Magnetic Puzzle Box is divided into 6 styles, suitable for kids aims to cultivate kid’s various abilities, such as imagination, logical thinking, cognition etc.

Improve Thinking Ability

During their free time, parents can play sudoku games with their children and enjoy a happy parent-child time.

Great Gift for Kids

Magnetic Puzzle Box is very suitable as gifts for children on birthdays, Christmas and other holidays, and can also entertain their mood

Buyer Shows–Closer to Life for Better Choices

magnet boxmagnet box

Recommended Age
2-8+ 8-10+ 1.5-3+ 1.5-3+ 3+ 3+
Kids/Toddlers Kids/Toddlers Kids/Toddlers Kids/Toddlers Kids/Toddlers Kids/Toddlers

Recommended Age
14+ 14+ 14+ 14+ 14+ 14+
Teens/Adults Teens/Adults Teens/Adults Teens/Adults Teens/Adults Teens/Adults

👍 [Educational Puzzle] It cultivates kid’s logical thinking, concentration, imagination, observation.
👍 [Main Themes] Six classic themes: “Make Faces”, “Girl”, “Shape”, “Alphabet”, “Transport”, “Dressing”
👍 [How To Play] Set the reference cards on the right side of the board and select the correct magnetic pieces to imitate the same pattern on the left side .
👍 [Package Containing] Our box contains game board, reference cards, magnetic pieces, instructions etc.
👍 [Timely Customer Service] If any problems, please contact us for your solutions. Welcome to share your happy moments with us in the product review.,


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