The Purple Cow – Find it from The “50” Toys and Games Series – STEM Games for on The Go – 50″ Spot The Hidden Object Booklet for Kids Aged 8+. Ideal Present for Boys and Girls.

41fwXof3DHL. AC51BnyfI 7L. AC buynow3 The “50” on the go games series was born from our frustration as parents seeing our kids glued to their screens – if it is not the TV, it is the games console, if it’s not the computer, it’s their Smartphones. Our new “50” series are designed to get your kids active and engaged in arts and crafts activities. The games are all compact making them perfect for on the go, traveling in the car, or on planes, but also great for indoors and in the house, they do not take up any room. This activity is a single player game – Kids, or adults, boys and girls alike. This series comes with 8 exciting titles: Dot to Dot, Labyrinths, Mandalas, Sudoku, Spot 7, Find It, Drawing Comics and Color by Numbers in a beautifully designed tin box and most importantly – an attractive price point! The Purple Cow is a family owned company, formed in Australia. We design games for kids and adults to stay engaged with real hands-on game time, without using technology and gadgets. We believe playtime should involve the whole family and lots of curiosity and learning. Come, play with us! WHAT’S INSIDE: A travel size pad (5. 9’*3. 9’) with 50 pages of “Find it” puzzles inside a tin case + a pencil. The solutions to all puzzles are easily available via a scannable QR code.
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: The Purple Cow “Find it” is a fun, easy single player puzzle game Players are challenged to search and find a character, or an object hidden in a detailed illustration. The cheerful illustrations are the work of the renowned cartoonist Jacky Jackson who’s been publishing these puzzles for over 50 years!
IMPROVE CONCENTRATION SKILLS: Focus and concentrate to find the hidden object. Get ready for hours of Fun for boys and girls alike.
ENHANCE DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS: This fun challenging game improves cognitive skills such as problem-solving and logical skills.
SCREEN-FREE STEM ACTIVITY: The Purple Cow new “50” series is designed specially to give your kids an alternative activity away from screens in a fun and constructive way. In the house or on the go, with friends or by themselves get ready for hours of enjoyable screen free activities that kids love.
CONVENIENT: The 50 “Find it” comes in a compact, slim tin case, the perfect size to slip into your purse or backpack to keep your kids entertained in the car, on a plane, at the doctor office and everywhere you go!,


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