Tairobi Pop Tubes Fidget Toy and Pop Fidget Toy – Pack of 7 Sensory Toys, Multi Purpose, Water Proof, Colorful, Pop Fidget Toys with Aqua Blue Travelling Bag for Kids Learning and Teaching

TAIROBI – PACK OF 7 POP FIDGET TOY & SENSORY TUBES Tairobi is proud to present the ultimate sensory toy for children’s playtime. They make noise, snap back to their original shape and keep those little fingers busy for hours! The colourful replacement pack of stretch tubes is made for every household with kids who have special needs; it can be a great option when choosing your toys because these tubes help develop an understanding of what triggers sounds in objects that you put together. Moreover, it stimulates kids both physically and mentally, giving kids the opportunity to stretch, pull, connect, and move it in all kinds of different ways. With colours like blue, yellow and red, these tubes and shapes are perfect for making your child’s day happier! More reasons to buy our pack of Pop Fidget Toy: ☑ Waterproof ☑ Prevents brain degeneration ☑ Sharpens skills for children’s development ☑ Ideal for children and adults with mental health problems Package Includes: ☑ 3 bubble pop fidget toys ( 1 green circle, 1 octagon, and 1 rainbow square) ☑ 4 pop sensory tubes ( 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 yellow, and 1 green) Dimensions: Bag Size:- 23cm x 23cm Rainbow square – 12.6 cm x 12.6 cm x1.5 cm Orange octagon- 12.6 cm x 12.6 cm x 1.5 cm Green circle – 12.6 cm x 1.5 cm Sensory Tubes: Length: 22cm Diameter:3 cm Unleash your kid’s creativity with Tairobi! Add to cart now!
IMPROVES SENSORY MOTOR SKILLS – Tairobi’s fidget pop tubes and bubble pop toy provide a fun and engaging way to improve sensory motor skills. An excellent sensory toy for children with special needs for their mental health. It also helps to develop hand eye coordination.
SHARPENS LOGICAL THINKING – Our innovative pop bubble fidget toy enables children to sharpen their logical thinking. It helps them develop a sense of space and time by simulating their mind which can further enhances their mathematical skills as well.
MULTIPURPOSE – These push pop bubble and tubes can be used as toys, stress relievers, or even as cup coasters (pop fidget). They’re perfect for improving your child’s concentration during school or work. Just pull the tubes to watch them expand and push them to make them smaller.
TRAVELLING BAG INCLUDED – The push and pop toys are designed to be taken anywhere you want. Our package includes an aqua blue to-go bag which makes it an ideal travel toy for kids.
FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING – These push pop fidget toy is not only an excellent fidget toy but also great learning tool for kids. They can be used as building blocks, stacking rings, and building shapes.,