Sumind 2 Pieces Retro Magic Rail Twirler Flashing Magnetic Gyro Wheel with Rotating Lighting Effect Classic Rail Twister Vintage Fidget Toy Magnetic Gravity Defying Stunt Toy for Adults, Boys, Girls

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Classic rail twister:
It uses the power of magnetism to mesmerizingly move the wheel along the rails with the quick flick of the wrist, all while producing a fascinating light show; Up and over, back and forth, it is hours of magical fun.

Develop motor skill while having fun:
Gyro wheel will arouse teens’ curiosity to learn more about physics, magnetism, and gravity, and the movement of the wrists also helps to improve their motor skills, help them stay focused, and providing stress relief.

Easy to play with:
Just a flick of the wrist is enough to get the fun started.

Size (approx.):
Straight rail twirler: 24 x 5 x 3.5 cm/ 9.4 x 1.97 x 1.38 inches
Wheel: 5 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm/ 1.97 x 2.17 x 0.98 inches
Color: red, blue

Package includes:
2 x Magic tail twirler (the wheel contains batteries)

Warm note:
Suitable for people aged over 12 years old
Fun and novel gifts: include of 2 pieces of straight rail twirler, these luminous rail twister toys are easy to play with, you just move your wrist and start playing; This magic rail twirler will give your little one a fun science lesson, and also get hand exercise from all the flicking, the gyro toys attract plentiful boys and girls thanks to their fun, and young guys are able to experience magnetism by playing with magnetic toys
Provide hands exercise and enjoy to play with: the magnet adhere the plastic wheel to the wire frame, just a flick of the wrist can make the magnetic wheel magically run around the wire rails without falling off, this magic rail twirler will give your little one a fun science lesson, and also get hand exercise from all the flicking and have soothing effects that help inhibit excessive activity
Flashing gyro wheel: as the wheel twirls along the tracks, the LED lights are automatically lit up and stay lit longer than any similar product, as it glows in the dark, your little one can use this mesmerizing toy even if they are lying in bed at night, which will challenge their imaginations and company them at night
Quality toys: this magic rail twirler features well-aligned rails, and is fitted with LEDs that don’t prematurely short out, the magnetic traction allows the gyro wheel to stick to the metal track and roll around the track under your small force without falling, these 2 rotating toys can emit red and blue lights respectively, bringing double fun to you
Relieve pressure and have a good time: fascinating lighting effect and movement of the rail twister has a soothing effect that can help curb hyperactivity, and keep your hands busy and your mind focused, also a good choice to play with during your leisure time,


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