Sondergut Deluxe Roll-up Backgammon Game

515uL5I4KaL. AC51Fa0HDKdtL. AC31H42ETmBPL. AC41O 8Uk2FoL. AC51INB1j02IL. AC buynow3 Our Sondergut Deluxe Roll-Up Travel Backgammon Game rolls up for easy transport and storage. The patented snap-together walls snap together like a snap bracelet to provide a sidewall support when playing on the go. When locked, they create a wall to contain the rolling dice. And, when you are finished playing the game, simply “unlock” the snap walls and roll the game up for easy storage. Perfect for travel or the home! Keep the game in the RV or boat. How about a game with your wife before dinner at the hotel lobby? Where will you take your game? Whether relaxing on the beach, at the campsite or at the hotel lounge, you can play backgammon almost anywhere — and with style. This hand-sewn, full-size board in rich brown suede and has a rich look and luxurious feel. When the game’s over, store the dice, doubling cube and both sets of 15 playing stones in the zippered pocket. When rolled up, the size is 14 x 2”. Open the game and the board is full sized at 14.5 x 11.5”. All playing pieces neatly fit in the zippered pocket for easy and reliable storage and transport. Playing pieces are 1-inch in diameter. Easily fits in your handbag, backpack, carry-on bag, and even your back pocket! Instructions included. Designed in Germany by Sondergut. This travel backgammon game comes in a beautiful retail box and with game instructions. Makes a great gift! Perfect for camping, cruise ship travel, bicycle/motorcycle tours, and weeklong rafting trips.
Deluxe Version- snap bracelet technology side walls
14.5 x 11.5″ (bigger size than our compact games)
Very light with a weight of just 1.2 pounds
Deluxe German design with patented “snap walls” to contain dice
1″ playing stones (set of black and white) with dice and doubling cube.,


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