SitSpots® Carpet Classroom Sitting Spots | The Original Sit Spots for Your Classroom Carpet Seating, Organize and Mange Your Students with These Carpet Floor dots. (30, Original)

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What are Sit Spots?


Offer every child an individualized place to sit on during carpet/calendar timeAre colorful shapes that attach securely to carpets without glues or adhesives – no more tape on the carpeting!Attach to most commercial/industrial grade carpets Teachers can:

Space students as close together or as far apart from each other as neededUse SitSpots to help students understand where to go during carpet time, center activities, lines to stand in, or paths to followUse SitSpots as an interactive teaching tool

Installing SitSpots are as easy as 1, 2, 3: Place spots ROUGH side up on your carpet and slide them to the desired position Turn spots over – ROUGH SIDE DOWN and adjust again if needed– once satisfied – press the spots down Use a cylinder type object to roll over spots, concentrating on the edges


Who Are We?

We are the original Sit Spots!

SitSpots are currently based in the sleepy beach town of San Clemente, CA. We are a young company with places to grow. Helping teachers is what we’re all about and we’ve already helped thousands of teachers throughout the U.S. and internationally; and are continuing on our quest to help every teacher, including you.

SitSpots were created in 2012 as a result of struggles with classroom management and a lack of options for floor decoration and organization.

Today we help teachers all over the country organize their classroom with our carpet teaching tools.

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Sit Spot Star Pack

MULTI-COLORED SITSPOTS: We are the original makers of SitSpots. Our original color Sit Spots are 4 inch hook backed shapes that firmly attach to glued down carpeting without using adhesives.CLASSROOM CARPET SEATING: Multi-Colored Packs are the perfect solution for your classroom to organize and manage your students.TEACHER MUST HAVES: Researched & developed by a kindergarten teachers and tested in the classrooms of young students (ages 3 – 6 years).STRONG & DURABLE: The high-grade, industrial strength fabric used in this product outperformed all others for durability and longevity.CLASSROOM BENEFITS: Immediately reduces the frequency of verbal reminders and provides visual cues to students instead.








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