Reward Stickers for Kids by Sweetzer & Orange – 1008 Stickers, 8 Assorted Designs, 1 Inch School Stickers – Teacher Supplies for Classroom, Potty Training Stickers and Motivational Stickers

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Kids Love Stickers! No matter whether it’s a kids chore chart, behavior chart, schoolbook, visit to the doctor or just a good day on the potty – the best reward for most kids are good job stickers! And now they’ll be even more keen to do a good job because the Sweetzer & Orange FunFRENZ Sticker Roll is brimming with 8 excited characters just waiting to let your kids know they’re rocking results!
Let’s Talk Peel & Stick: We’ve seen those adhesively challenged sticker sheets and rolls too, you know the ones – stickers don’t adhere to the roll or that they rip when peeled off and don’t stick. These, are NOT those. We use special Glassine Paper, so each sticker is firmly on the roll for as long as you want it there, they’re easy to peel (kids can do it too) and once stuck… they’re stuck! (So keep that in mind!)
8 Original Funfrenz Designs! Uh oh is that yet ANOTHER sheet of garden variety star stickers for kids or smiley face stickers? Listen, kids work hard for their rewards so we created an entirely bespoke range of 8 assorted stickers – never seen before! From the “You Did It” Fox to the “Way to Go” Penguin and cool “You Rock” Rock Dude, the kids won’t just want a reward, they’ll want to choose it themselves!
They’re Individual Stickers, Too! The roll paper tears off easily, so you can hand individual stickers to the kids as gifts for them to stick as they please. You’ll get two rolls each of 504 stickers (easier than giant 1008 rolls) Each sticker is 1 inch – and bigger than most. So, measure that now and seeing that it’s perfect for YOUR kids or classroom order a set and let’s see – risk free.
12-Month Guarantee: As soon as your two rolls of parent and teacher stickers arrives, one of three things will happen. First, you’ll contact us if anything is missing, even just ONE sticker. You’ll adore the cute FunFRENZ Designs – even if you’re not the one getting the reward, or we’ll refund every cent so you can find your perfect roll of stickers too! FunFRENZ want to jump on your reward chart now.,


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