Raymond Geddes Super Hero Stylus & Ballpoint Pen Set With MOP Pencil Toppers (Pack of 18)

51LN7bgmbuL. AC31nXQkqN3bL. AC31oTi741KWL. AC31KNdO6ElVL. AC buynow3 With the help of these 3 superheroes, you can switch from ballpoint pen to stylus with a click. Our superhero mop topper stylus pen features unique microfiber hair that can clean screens and clear away ugly fingerprint smudges on any device. These MOP topper stylus pens come in three different colors; red, pink, and blue. The pen ink is black and the tub includes 18 pens.
Multipurpose Pens: These ink pens include 3 convenient features: mop topper, mobile phone stylus, and standard ballpoint pen
Colorful Designs: These fun pencils for kids feature a 4-color combination: blue, red, yellow, and green
Stylus: With just a click, these cool pens transform into mobile phone styluses
Screen Cleaner: Each ink pen includes a specialized microfiber MOP top for cleaning computer, tablet, and phone screens
Geddes School Supplies: A family-owned business catering to over 3000 school districts since 1924, we specialize in novelty pens, erasers, slimes, toys, and cute school supplies,


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