RAINBOW TOYFROG Free Play Stylus Magnetic Drawing Board with Magnat Pen, Magnetic Travel Games, Stem Activities for Girls Boys 3 Years Above

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Express your creativity with the Free Play Magnetic drawing board.

Create your own unique free form designs and make them magically appear with the magnetic pen as it pulls the beads to the surface with an audible click.


The beads are completely self contained so they never fall out. When finished simply erase the board by pushing the beads down with your finger or the side of the pen and start over.


NBOW TOYFROG Free Play Stylus Magnetic Drawing Board with Magnat Pen

Let creativity be your guide. Use the stylus to make your own unique designs and creations. Let your imagination run free and reveal your inner artist as the magnetic pen brings your art to the surface.







This is a wonderful learning tool that provides an immersive, early writing lesson.

Stylus pops beads to surface

Erase with fingers.

Perfect for road trips, portable, no loose parts.

👶 Magnetic Board for Kids. The magnetic stylus is your pen, the bead board your paper, your finger the eraser as you use your imagination to draw, design and create.
👍 Endless Imagination, Explore your creativity in engaging, sensory-reinforced play; the stylus brings the beads to the surface with an audible click revealing your creation.
💓Easy to Use. Push the beads down with a finger or pen to erase and start over; the beads are completely self-contained and do not come out of the board.
👌 Travel Activities Drawing Games. At size 8.8″ x 7″, magnet drawing pad is easy for kids to carry them around, aslo for Road Trip, store them behind the seat in the pocket. Good Travel gifts for kids.
🎁 Gift Ideal. Magnet board for kids is the best choice for kids airplane activities, birthday gifts, Children’s day gifts, travel gifts, Christmas gifts.,


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