RADICALn Decoration Piece Handmade Marble Home Decor Green Onyx Apple Paperweight – Best for Office Table Decoration & Study Room Decor Paperweight

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In the time of yearly endings, there might be a lot of pressures, what can take your stress to the higher level is when you realize that your necessary documents have been lost or merged with other. Well, that moment can make your life hell. We do understand these concerns, and therefore this office decor marble paperweight is all here to serve you. This office desk decor paperweight made from the most excellent quality of onyx and material of marble has used in its core which makes it even more shine. This small office decor paperweight is also best referred to children which enables them to maintain their stuff correctly and save their time as well as make their study time more creative. This affordable home decor can also present to your co-workers realizing the mess they make. Well, jokes apart, these creative home décor marble paperweights served as an innovative gift to your friends, siblings and much more. It also served as a beautiful home and office décor especially accompanied as your table decor.

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small office decor paperweight is manufactured with the high-quality material of onyx while touch of the marble is given is its core which adds the extra beauty to this green apple paperweight. Each of the office table decor marble paperweights is hand polished by our experienced craftsman while keeping its every little detail in mind.


This apple marble paperweight is 3.2 inches tall and 2.4 inches wide. If you like themed houses then this apple paperweight will be an innovative addition to your collection of desk decor. It also acts as a creative gift idea who is a big mess maker like your siblings and your co-workers and to your even to your dear ones realizing them you hate their mess


As it is handmade item, Proper packaging is required to ensure that it reaches customers in 100& perfect condition.


100% Handmade Marble 100% Handmade Marble 100% Handmade Marble 100% Handmade Marble
White Onyx Oceanic Black White Onyx
Safe & Fragile Packaging

Within 30 Days After Item Delivered Within 30 Days After Item Delivered Within 30 Days After Item Delivered Within 30 Days After Item Delivered

MATERIAL: Paperweight is made of high quality onyx marble. Comes along with RADICALn Branded Secure Packaging.
SIZE: Height: 3.2 Inches. Width: 2.4 Inches.
EASY TO USE: Its heaviness allows you to utilize it for any desk activity. such as, drawing, writing etc.
GIFT PURPOSE: Ideal for office desk decor along with using it for events like Birthdays, on Weddings Tables, Bridal Shower Decor & much more.
EASY TO CLEAN: A soft cloth is all you need to clean this marble paperweight to avoid any scratches.,


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