Plastic Organizer Box with Dividers – 36 Compartment Organizer – Bead Organizer – Best for Bead Storage, Felt Board Letters, Fishing Tackle, Loom Bands Outdoor 360

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Letterboard Letter Box
Spend Your Time Creating Instead Of Searching! This high-quality storage case is clear plastic, so you can easily see your fishing tackle, beads, felt board letters and other small items quickly. The adjustable boxes keep everything organized, so you’ll spend your valuable time creating instead of searching.
Make Letter Board Changes In A Snap! No more dumping out felt board letters and numbers from a pouch and hunting. This craft storage container has 36 divided storage compartments, making it fast and easy to find your letters and change your message board.
Easily Customize Compartment Sizes! The horizontal grid dividers inside the clear plastic organizer are removable, so you can easily create box compartments to store items of different sizes, such as toy cars, hardware, makeup, office supplies, fishing tackle or your rock collection.
Keeps Craft Items Organized And Secure! This plastic organizer has an easy to open lid, strong hinges and two durable latches that stay securely closed when snapped shut. The individual box compartments have no gaps when the lid is closed, so small items won’t shift or fall out.
End Clutter! With 36 boxes, sturdy dividers that stay in place and deep compartments, this plastic, jewelry storage container case, is the perfect solution for keeping random household items separate, organized and easy to find.,


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