Periodic Table of Elements Laminated Flashcard Science kit| Quick Element Study Aid|Chemistry Flash Card Game for Teachers, Students, Homeschool Kids, Classroom| Educational Chart Reference Guide

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Complete Colorful Organized Flashcard Deck- Brilliant card models make science education come to life! Use cards to practice chemical structures, empirical formulae, shell orbits, and examples of the use of elements. Explore chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics, and science concepts. Makes it super easy for you to visualize atomic structure with atoms, bonds, and molecular orbitals.
Chemistry For All Levels Of Learning – 118 Periodic table laminated cards to teach students of all ages. Our cards makes it easy to understand fundamental molecular structure of electrons, chemical shell structures, with up to date (2019) element notations.
Matte Laminated Cards Are Durable – Cards are made from high-quality matte laminate finish designed to repel dirt, dust, and fingerprint. The pieces are color coded to the periodic table and all kits come with a box for easy storage and transport with your other textbooks, notes, and books. Perfect for the classroom.
Bonus Interactive Game: Great combination of products to teach science specifically chemistry to children and grown-ups! Make your own giant periodic table that is better than a poster. You can spread them on the floor and study for hours.,


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