Parrot 72ct Mini Pencils, Golf Pencils, Wood-cased Lead Pencils, Pre-Sharpened with Eraser Topper, No.2 HB, Half, Pew, Classroom, Testing Pencils with Inspirational Quotes, Teacher Gift Idea

51XwC21cUqL. AC41r3HjF9n0L. AC41s1Rj1S2gL. AC51wlkpLQ1DL. AC51oaMAukf5L. AC buynow3 Parrot Mini No. 2 Pencils with inspirational quotes are one of the the best classroom companions. These Half sized No. 2 Pencils in assorted colors and designs are packaged in a special apple shaped box which makes a perfect gift for your favorite teacher. Your teacher will find these mini pencils really handy for students without a pencil or to just inspire students with the motivational quotes on test day.These half sized pencils not only are great for test days but also for all kinds of situations from Golf to Church, to Office, home, Parties, sudoku, homework, Events, Score Keeping, etc. These pencils are pre-sharpened and equipped with a round barrel, anti-smudge eraser, premium wood, premium cores, and inspirational quotes that encourage both kids and folks of all ages.If you are looking for the most comfortable pencil grips to match, please refer to Grippulls! the world most creative grip.
Apple Shaped Packaging, Great gift for Teachers & Classrooms
Printed with Four Assorted Colors and Inspirational Quotes
No. 2 Core, Round Shaped Barrel, Pre-Sharpened
100% Real Wood
Anti-Smudge Eraser,


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