Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Marker Pen, Assorted Ink, Medium, 48 Pens/Set (PAP4651)

517A959G wL. AC51PtzQYNMZL. AC51edCuFCkoL. AC51ycriwGpnL. AC515s0OTyLXL. AC21syeGRs2oL. AC21aRopmjhjL. AC buynow3 Porous-point stick pen features a point guard that prevents the tip from fraying. Quick-drying water-based ink minimizes the potential for smearing, making this marker pen great for lefties. Marks won’t bleed through paper. Produces bold and expressive lines, great for editing documents and grading papers. Point Size: 1.4 mm; Point Type: Medium; Ink Color(s): Assorted; Ink Color(s) Assortment: 8 Black; 6 Blue; 6 Green; 3 Lime; 3 Magenta; 6 Orange; 7 Purple; 6 Red; 3 Turquoise.
Features a point guard.
Quick-drying, water based ink.
Won’t bleed through paper.
Produces bold lines.,


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