Outset Media 2000’s Trivia Card Games – Travel Deck with 355 Questions and 71 Cards – Questions from Harry Potter, The Office, Friends and Britney Spears – Ages 12 +

51Bbzit6nWL. AC buynow3 This 2000’s Trivia Card Deck is chock full of fun and interesting questions about everyone’s favorite decade! From Brangelina, Bennifer, Paris Hilton and more all the way through Eminem, 50 Cent, Britney and Justin. This quiz card game is for all fans of pop culture, movies, music, TV, sports, culture. With 71 Cards, and 350 questions, this trivia game will keep you guessing until you know every event that has happened during the decade of the 2000s!
2000s Trivia Card Games – Everyone’s Favorite Decades
This Travel Quiz Deck Has 71 Cards and 355 Questions, Covering Everything From Britney to the Atkins Diet
Remember iPods? Hit Shuffle On These Cards To Skip To The Next Fun Question
The Office, Friends, Fast and the Furious And More Are Covered
Trivia Cards Are A Great Activity For Students, Kids, Travel, and Screen Free Time,


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