Original Scramble Pic Golf Ball Retriever with Suction Cup End and Magnetic Cart Fastener

21DEHwUEQ2S. AC315GQVNPvbL. AC buynow3 Enjoy golf and scramble tournaments even more, without the repeated effort and strain on your back and knees to retrieve each ball by hand.   
The Original Scramble Pic is lightweight, and easy to use with a magnet that attaches right to your golf cart, for fast and easy access for use. 

With an additional 19 inches of arm reach, you no longer have to get out of the cart, and bend or squat to grab your ball over and over, putting unneeded strain on the body.  Let The Original Scramble Pic do the work for you!  Just place The Original Scramble Pic over the ball as you drive or walk by, push down and then remove the ball from the retriever. 

This is a great golf accessory for any golfer young or old, especially anyone with back, hip, or knee problems, arthritis, or other medical conditions.  It’s also perfect for any tournament giveaways or prizes!!! 

Use The Original Scramble Pic to “tap and go” to avoid additional physical stress, and to enhance your golf game for years to come.  

Weighing only 6.4 ounces, it adds little weight and space to your golf bag. 
Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ x 19″  

The Original Scramble Pic is made in the USA and sold by Vericonic LLC, a USA based veteran owned company. 
EASY way to pick up golf balls in scramble golf
SPEED UP play; never stop, never leave your cart to retrieve balls
ELIMINATE need to bend over – add another 19 inches to your reach
PERFECT for tournaments, fundraisers, and charity events
GREAT GIFT for golfers
IMPROVED magnet design with strong magnet to attach to any metal suface on golf carts,


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