Nifeliz Colorful Flowers Bouquet Building Kits; A Unique Creator Flower Bouquet and Creative Project for Adults, Artificial Flower New 2021(1237 Pieces)

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Start to build your good mood!

Nifeliz sets are one of the popular toys for kids and adults. Good design and service gives a good mood to everyone plays it.

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ENJOY ASSEMBLY: This flower bouquet consists of 1232 easy-installation parts in number bag -Your child can enjoy the fun while not getting bored.
HAVE YOUR OWN BOUQUET: This bouquet makes a unique gift or mindful project, creating a beautiful flower display model made entirely from Nifeliz pieces. Please note, a vase is not included. This flower bouquet delivers a vibrant display of colors and interesting shapes. Let your imagination bloom with customizable elements. Position the petals and leaves, then change the lengths of the stems to create wonderful arrangements for the home.
HIGH QUALITY TIME: Building is a wonderful activity together with family or friends. This building blocks toy help your kids develop excellent hand-eye coordination, stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, and promote intellectual development. let kids immerse in the fun of bricks toy, and keep them away from smartphone and TVs.
IDEAL GIFT: The Nifeliz flower bouquet set makes a special and unique gift for friends, loved ones, or yourself, at any time of year. The perfect gift for child and future engineers! whether it’s Christmas, girl’s birthday, Children’s day or other holidays. Of course, for beginners or adults who like to play with bricks toy, this is also great purchase option, each style of design is very wonderful and worthwhile collection.
GUARANEE: We offer a 3-month-100%-Money-Back Guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. Every piece of our product is picked up by machine, the packing will not be confirmed until three tests have been carried out. If your sets are still missing pieces, please contact us. We will send the missing parts to you for free, thanks in advance.,


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