My First Daily Magnetic Calendar | Weather Station for Kids | Moods and Emotions | Preschool Learning Toys | Classroom Calendar Set |Usable on Wall or Fridge

51U2bO3ZGAL. AC51sDuug4rBL. AC51GCJwdiTTL. AC51oMckysRNL. AC51wHHRJGg8L. AC51OyT2RVFeL. AC buynow3 One calendar to answer all the questions of the bright young mind. Give the sense of control to your kids through this calendar. Kids learn to read weather, season , date and express their moods and emotion. Give them the sense of control and responsibility by allowing them to express their understanding of the surroundings. An excellent way to open communication and encourage children to gauge their own emotions.
Calendar Features

  • Strong Magnet to hold the calendar securely on refrigerator or any other metal surface
  • Simple Information update – Simply take a pre-printed magnet from the board and place them in appropriate position on the calendar. You never lose the magnets as they are on the same board
  • Place for Weather, Temperature, Season and Mood

TEACH MULTIPLE THINGS: Kids learn to read Weather, Seasons, Dates, Moods and Emotions
DUAL USE – Unlike other Wall Only Calendars, use Pneat calendars on refrigerator or hang on the wall
THICK MAGNETIC BACK: Strong magnet to hold the calendar securely on refrigerator or any other metal surface
Encourages communication and a reassuring expectation about the events in a child’s life
YEARS TILL 2024 INCLUDED: Includes year 2022, 2023 and 2024.,


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