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51UsTqPJ9vL. AC51omuPqiywL. AC41B5226dTTL. AC51G+6HgEDDL. AC51iaeuPXifL. AC419FJEZ0ShL. AC buynow3 About: Treasure Hunt is a race game for our younger kids age 3 and above. Get them excited to be the first to reach the treasure with simple and easy to follow rules with the magnetic, travel size Treasure Hunting Board Game you can now just open up the self-contained box and get ready for hours of fun!
PURPLE COW Treasure Hunt Magnetic Game set is designed as a fun and mini/compact travel game set for kids (and adults joining them). It is the perfect companion to every situation. Whether you’re at home, in a car, hanging out with friends – pull out the board game and get ready for a good jaunt.
Travel, vacation, party time and all other times can be that much more FUN with a game for both kids and adults to play together.
This mini, travel size, magnetic board game contains everything you need in a single set, to play on the go – magnetic game pieces, a die, a tin case that opens to become the game board itself and the game instructions printed right on the back of the case so you will never lose them. Just bring your curiosity and smiles and provide hours of fun.
The Purple Cow offers 30 different magnetic mini travel games to provide hours of fun and enhance learning and engagement.

The Purple Cow is a family owned company, formed in Australia. We design games for kids and adults to stay engaged with real hands on game time, without using technology and gadgets. We believe play time should involve the whole family and lots of curiosity and learning… Come play with us!For Children age 3 and above.

TREASURE HUNTING: Enjoy the classic game from the young age of 3 years old wherever you go. Simple to play with, easy to follow rules. No need for decks of cards, technology or other things.
CONVENIENT: This mini-game comes in a compact, slim tin case, the perfect size to slip into your purse or backpack. Kids and adults will have a blast!
GET ENGAGED WITH FUN GAMES: Great for both adults and children. Other travel kits from The Purple Cow include Sudoku, Peg Solitaire, Tangram, Reversi, Dominoes, and Chinese Checkers.
ALL TIME FAVOURITE: Created as games that the whole family (up to 4 players) can play, anytime, the magnetic board game will become an instant favorite with everyone.,


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