Magformers Basic Set (62-pieces) Magnetic Building Blocks, Educational Magnetic Tiles, Magnetic Building STEM Toy, Multi-colored, Model Number: 63070

51fsfydKKQL. AC51dJQd8XbfL. AC51FcWzChLeL. AC51V9n7oudGL. AC buynow3 More Shapes, More Models, More Variety, and Definitely More Fun! The 62 piece set is perfect for everyone. A great choice if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, and a novice builder will quickly and easily learn to manipulate the simple touch/connect magnets and start building like a pro. With so many colorful pieces you can “Build the ball”, build a house, build a building, make a simple cube, a simple pyramid, a cute and colorful snail and our favorite the turtle! This is the basic set and MORE. The 62 Piece set 2x more pieces than the classic set, PLUS we’ve added an exciting new shape; the Pentagon! The Pentagon will take your building designs to the next level. Your only limit is your imagination.
62 Pieces total: 20 Triangles, 30 Squares, 12 Pentagons and step-by-step idea booklet in assorted rainbow colors for endless fun and building ages 3+
Magnet magic: The pieces are designed with Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets that ensures connectivity every time you play or build.
Perfect for STEM education. Learn shapes, colors and how to build from 2D to 3D!
Compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories.
BPA Free HQABS plastic and Neodymium magnets conform to CE, ASTM, and EN71
ABS plastic magnets conform to CE, ASTM and EN71
You can create a variety of models with the pentagon added.
Instant connection! Instant fun!,


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