Magblock Magnetic Stylus Drawing Board with Magnat Pen, Educational Read Write Learn Preschool Gift for Boys and Girls (12.4in x 10in)

51jB3k0IbeL. AC517VeJpdfEL. AC51Ol+reui8L. AC51DDq4KQn4L. AC41fzuu0wF2L. AC51jAImhVdsL. AC51WhpoMedzL. AC buynow3 Magblock Magnetic Writing Board, provides a unique tactile drawing experience; Helping children to learn and write the alphabets correctly and happily; A great helper in kids’ early writing educations, also bring more learning fun for your kids. Magnet Tablet Pad as a gift for a toddler that is going to pre-school soon.
The included pencil works great to bring the magnet balls to the surface. It is very sturdy and has survived multiple drops.
Nice for a preschooler, love playing with it because of the satisfying “click” noises and the fun of a novel toy.
Randomly doodles, practicing abcs and shapes, playing tic tac toe, or making more elaborate designs. Have fun with it!
Magnetic boards are Really brilliant idea and innovative way of teaching child how to write, They are happy to trace the letters with this magnetic board and quickly learning letters and numbers.
We bring it on long car rides, restaurant waiting for dinner, anywhere they need to be entertained. Much better for their brains than screen time! Each age uses it a bit differently which is neat to see.,


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