Mag-Genius Educational & Colorful Magnetic Building Building Block Set – 60-Pieces Standard Building Kit

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IDEA BOOKLET: of examples showing 3D building and characteristics for the starter kit. Shows how to use add-ons and accessories that are sold separately.
DURABILITY: waterproof & sunproof (no fading/outdoor friendly) material that can handle hard impacts.
MATH BASIS: 60 translucent, durable, and colorful shapes including (2 standard square bases 3×3, 2 large bases 6×6, 10 acute triangles, 8 right angled Ninety-Degree triangles, 10 regular triangles) Does not come with play people.
ENGINEERING: build widespread cities and neighborhoods allowing the cars/trains to veer around sharp corners to get away from bad guys or to transport your towns citizens. Anything is possible when you take what you already own and allow Mag-Genius to continue the fun.
IEP RECOMMENDED: shape your child’s creativity with hours of long – lasting fun that applies to engineering and math. This allows for abstract learning to gain independence with imaginative problem-solving and matching skills.,


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