Liberry Colored Rubber Bands Bracelet Making Kit with Loom Bands Storage Container. Great Gifts for Girls and Boys, No Loom Board Included.

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Liberry brand items’ primary goal is providing children with developmentally appropriate toys with a big focus on safety. We develop toys to inspire teamwork, family play, and physical skills, and most importantly we make it fun! We want children to put down their electronics, move their bodies, stimulate their minds and play outdoors with friends and family. We believe our products will help provide your children with happy childhood experiences and develop a healthy mind and body. Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers and bring them an unexpected shopping experience.


loom kitloom kit

Over 2200 rubber bands90 beads (Radom letter and color)50 S clips5 charms3 crochets2 Y looms

Liberry rubber band bracelet making kit

great toy gift

This rubber band kit provides 15 gorgeous and high-quality colors. With this kit, you can free your imagination and create more possibilities.

Variety of colors Premium colorful loom bands kit contains 15 solid colors Super stretch It is not easy to tear because of the excellent elasticity and resilience of the rubber bands Durable More than 2200 rubber bands can make lots of friendship bracelets Material safety Laboratory tests prove that our loom bands are lead-free, bisphenol-free, and phthalate-free

bracelet makingbracelet making







Parent-child Relationship

Making rubber band crafts is a fun activity for the whole family. Establishing warm family relationships due to increased interaction between parents and children.

Enhance Friendship

This loom kit offers 2 Y looms Which encourage children to communicate with others while doing something crafty. This doesn’t only build their confidence but also enhances their friendship.


Creating with a loom kit improves children’s practical ability, stimulates their imagination, and enhances their color perception.

Multifunctional Loom Kit [More Than Fun]: This rubber band bracelet making kit doesn’t only get your kids away from electronics but also requires their concentration and develops their artistic ability. They can DIY a lot of gadgets such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. While enjoying endless fun, they also improve their hands-on ability and perception of color.
Premium Colorful Loom Bands [Get Your Creativities]: This loom kit contains 15 solid color, excellent elastic, and resilient rubber bands; each color is about 150pcs. Children can freely use their imagination and creativity to make their own crafts. It is not easy to tear because the elasticity and resilience of the rubber band are excellent.
High-Quality & Safe Rubber Bands [Play Safely]: After comprehensive and independent testing by a USA-approved laboratory, our loom strap kits are certified lead-free, bisphenol-free, and phthalate-free. Keeping children safe and happy is always our pursuit.
Portable Storage Box [Holds All Creations]: Our rubber loom bands are equipped with a storage box to store all rubber bands. With the Portable Storage Box, the baffle of each grille can be detached and reassembled into different sizes to accommodate items and rubber bands, helping to develop a storage habit for your children.
2400+ Colored Rubber Band Kit [Small but Complete]: 2200+ high-quality loom rubber bands, 90+ candy-colored beads, 100+ S clip, 5 charms, 3 crochet hooks, 2 tough Y looms, not included Loom board. Please feel free to contact us in case of any doubts.,


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