LEGO Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters Building Kit (4634 Piece)

61 jPbrcP L. AC61FC7oVeLcL. AC61HK97eWAWL. AC51n8kloD82L. AC616U1jHgboL. AC617hMmGJffL. AC buynow3 There’s definitely something strange in this neighborhood! Slide down the fire pole into action, power up the proton packs and start zapping! The Ghostbusters are chasing Slimer and other mischievous ghosts. Round them up in the containment unit! Take samples of slime to the lab and analyze photos in the darkroom. Or grab a pizza and relax with a game of pool in this detailed play set packed with features true to the movie classics! This cool toy for kids includes 9 minifigures: Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, Janine Melnitz, Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, Library Ghost and a Zombie Driver.
Build this highly detailed three-story model featuring a laboratory, darkroom, and more!
Featuring settings and characters from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie
Includes 9 minifigures: Peter Venman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston, Zeddemore, Janine Melnitz, Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, Zobie Driver and Library gosts
LEGO Ghostbusters building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building,


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