LEGO Architecture Trevi Fountain 21020 Building Toy

518nMNWdLVL. AC51A6aUUAJDL. AC51gpN1kWZ8L. AC41MUf02MFsL. AC buynow3 Look out! The evil Foot Ninja is speeding toward the Turtle Lair on his hover vehicle and Leo must stop him! Jump into the speedy Turtle vehicle and chase after that bad guy before he reaches the Turtles’ base! If he trespasses, send him running away with the launcher! This cool Turtle-themed LEGO Juniors set with Easy to Build models and age appropriate building instructions is the perfect start to your young Turtle fan’s LEGO brick building adventure. Includes 2 : Leo with his swords and a Foot Ninja.
Interpretation of real-world architectural landmark, the Trevin Fountain! Collect the entire LEGO Architecture Landmark and Architect Series sets
Booklet included with details on the design, architecture and history of the fountain (English and Italian language only)
Measures 5″ (14cm) tall, 7″ (20cm) wide and 5″ (14cm) deep
The LEGO Architecture product line is about celebrating the world of architecture through the medium of the LEGO brick
This line is for all with an interest in design, architecture and history,


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