Layered Necklace Spacer Clasp, 2 and 3 Strands Necklaces Slide Magnetic Tube Lock with Lobster Clasps, Jewelry Clasps Connectors for Women Layered, Bracelet, Jewelry, Crafts, Necklace, 2 Pack Gold

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YMCAFZ Layered Necklace ClaspYMCAFZ Layered Necklace Clasp

YMCAFZ Layered Necklace Clasp

Layering necklaces is something that you can do yourself. You can choose a couple of necklaces from your jewellery box, and than use our stack necklace clasp to put them together.YMCAFZ Layered Necklace Clasp

Necklace Attachment for Multiple Chains Necklace Attachment for Multiple Chains

Necklace Spacer Clasps Necklace Spacer Clasps Necklace Spacer Clasps

1. The clasp has a fluted cylinder design and slides apart into two pieces. Slides back together and locks snugly for a secure fastening.

2. These clasps are great for finishing 2 strand necklaces, bracelets, loom and bead woven pieces.

As these clasps are tiny and a little tight after being plated, please open them gently and slowly for several times.

Necklace Attachment for Multiple Chains

How to Use?

1. Attach the necklaces’ clasp with the small loop end. Attach the necklaces’ end loop with the clasp.

2. Pull the tube to open the item, tie it around your neck, and then easily slide them together to close.

3. To make it use smoother, please open and close for several times before using.

Due to the handmade craftsmanship, some clasps may not spring back automatically when they are first opened, and only need to be gently pushed back by hand. When the necklace is not layered after you use our clasp, it means that one of your necklaces is too long and you need to adjust the length of one or two necklaces.

2 and 3 Strand Necklace Clasp for Layered Look









Bracelet Anklet

2 or 3 Strand Necklace Clasp2 or 3 Strand Necklace Clasp

two necklace clasptwo necklace clasp

Necklace Clasp

Layered Clasps
3 Strands 2 Strands 2 and 3 Strands 2 and 3 Strands
Slide Tube

2 Pcs 2 Pcs 2 Pcs 2 Pcs
Gold and Silver Gold and Silver Gold Silver

【NO MORE TANGLE】 The necklace spacer clasp keep the layered necklaces from getting tangled while wearing. 2 pcs of lock clasp for different necklace use. Both of 2 detangler clasps are made of brass. The clasps are lightweight and not easy to fade. Compared with the general magnetic clasps, this necklace connector is a slide lock and is safer
【SAVE TIME】 We have assembled the loops and lobster clasps before you receive these necklace layering clasps for jewelry. Layered connector saves you a lot of time. Once your necklaces are attached, you can take all 2 or 3 layered jewelry on and off at the same time by sliding the barrel in or out
【EASY TO USE】 The necklace separator is a clasp on its own – it opens by pulling the tubes apart and closes by sliding them back together – the smaller tube slides into the larger one. It is also easy to attach. One side has loops to attach your necklaces’ clasps onto. The other side has little clasps – to attach onto the ring end of your necklaces
【DESIGN YOUR LOVELY JEWELRY】 These layer clasps are great for such jewelry makings as multi layer choker, necklaces, bracelet. You can mix and match most of necklaces and change them as often as you like. Create endless layering combinations of layers. These bracelet necklaces slide magnetic tube locks are suitable for making multiple strands necklaces or bracelets. Please check the size carefully to make sure our multi necklace clasp is suitable for your necklace
【CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】 All 2-3 strands slide lock clasps are allowed to leave the factory only after strict examination of its quality. We want to offer you premium products for a long-lasting experience. You can buy the magnetic tube locks risk-free as your purchase is backed by our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE,


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