KIDAMI Magnetic Folding Backgammon Set Classic Board Game for Kids and Adults(11.2X11.2inches)

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Playing with the educational toys can develop intelligence and improve logical thinking ability.

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The classic backgammon is a two-player strategy board game, we can exercise our thinking and strategy ability in the process of play.


The Classic Board Game:

It is a game composed of two players.Consists of a chessboard, 4 dice, 1 multiple dice and 30 pieces(each person has 2 dice and 15 pieces) Each person takes turn rolling dice, and the two dice that rolled can move pieces twice. Points can be used on the same piece or on two pieces separately, but they cannot be moved if there are opposing pieces (two or more) in the place where the pieces was moved.If your piece lands in a place where there is an opponent’s piece, you can “eat” the his piece, and his piece will enter the “resurrection area”, he will have to move this piece before he can move any other pieces in the next turn.If you roll dices and the numbers on both die are the same, you can move the piece four times.The winner is the one who move all the pieces off the board first.


The Magnetic Board:

The slight magnetic design, the pieces can safely stick to board but not hard to move pieces.

It allows you to pause the game, move somewhere else and pick up where you left off


Folding Design:

Opening size is 11.2X11.2X0.7 inches.

Folded size is 11.2X5.8X1.2 inches.

Big enough for playing, and small enough for taking with you anywhere.


Easy Storage:

The foldable board can turn into a storage box, easy opening with the board buckle.

It come with 2 storage box that help organize pieces neatly and orderly.


Additional storage box:

This box is using for holding dice and rolling dice.

Even if you are in a moving car, you do not have to worry about losing dice when throwing dice.

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Classic Board Game:Backgammon is a classic strategy board game played by two players.Each person has 15 chess pieces, two dice. Two different colors to distinguish their chess pieces and dice.The winner is the one who first moves the pieces off the board.
Excellent Quality:The board and pieces are made up of HIPS the premium plastics. The reinforced chessboard is designed as a storage box that can be easily opened and closed, and the pieces can be stored in it.
Perfect Magnetism:in order to let the players enjoy the game without disruption, each pieces contains a built-in magnet. Owing to slight magnetic design, the pieces can safely stick to board but not hard to move pieces.
Easy to Carry and Store:the open size of board measures 11.2×11.2×0.7 inches while folded size is 11.2×5.8×1.2 inches, each chess piece measures 1.3×0.6 inches. Two different storage boxes, one is used for the storage of dice, the other is used for the storage of chess pieces. They can be perfectly hidden inside the folded chess board, which allows you to organize all pieces orderly, meanwhile easy to carry.
Attractive Gift:The folding design suitable for playing at home, school, camping or in the travel. It helps develop kid’s hands-on ability, intellectual development, visual sensitivity and more. It can be the perfect gift.,


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