IRONWALLS Magnetic Tumbler Jewelry Polisher, 2000RPM 600g Cleaning Capacity Magnetic Polisher Finisher with 7.1”/180mm Polishing Barrel & 180g Burnishing Pins for Jewelry, Metal Parts, Hard Plastic

41n86 HSesL. AC511b 59l5mL. AC415B3whq4tL. AC41LA7r8fL9L. AC31IUT9 JuWL. AC buynow3 Product Specification:
【Product Specification】Voltage: 110V; Speed: 2000rpm; Polishing bucket size: 180×100 mm (7×4 inches); Machine size: 280x260x400 mm (11×10.23×15.74 inches); Item weight: 13kg (28.66 lbs). Maximum cleaning Capacity: 600g.
【Premium Polishing Barrel】IRONWALLS polishing bucket is multi-sided, made of super tough plastic material, strong enough to stand the force during polishing, leak proof and will not corrode or rust.
【Direction & Time Adjustable】Direction Control: One-Way Rotation; Two-Way Rotation; Time control: 10-60 minutes. Most finishing operations are completed in under 30 minutes, just place your jewelry pieces, the steel pins, water, and special burnishing compound in the bowl, and press the button.
【Fine & Harmless Polishing Method】Magnetic tumbling is an automated polishing process that nearly eliminates the need for cyanide bombing, stripping, and thrumming. Tiny steel pins are driven by powerful rotating magnets at the base of the finishing bowl. No dead ends, allowing all parts of the complete grinding without being deformed, or damaging the surface, or affecting the accuracy.
【Wide Application】This jewelry finisher is designed for polishing intricate details and tiny crevices. Suitable for light metal, non-ferrous metals, hard plastic and other precision parts such as surface polishing, trimming, derusting, rough finishing, precision polishing, gloss polishing, removing black spots.,


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