Infinity Cube Fidget Toy – Pressure Reduction Anxiety Relief Toy Killing Time for ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism Adult and Children

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What can this tiny magic cube do for you?
– Relieves your anxiety and stress from anything
– Decompression reducer
– Therapeutic for people with special needs like dementia, autism, Asperger’s
– Helps you kill the time
– Focusing will be enhanced
– Makes you look cool while fidgeting
– Endless and infinite fun
– Improves your finger movements, get faster and higher finger movements

What can you do with this small cube?
– Play with just one hand
– Pocket-size so you can bring it to school or the office easily
– It’s quiet and silent. You can play it anytime, during meetings, classes, conversations and more
– Compete with friends on who can flip and fold faster

What does this cube have?
– Made of high quanlity nontoxic ABS plastic blocks
– Sturdy stainless steel links: guaranteed not to come apart, break or rust
– Can survive constant flipping, folding, falls and hits

What are you waiting for? Order this amazing infinity cube now!
SIMPLE DESIGN – The Infinite Cube is quite simple, size 1.6×1.6×1.6 inch, playable with one hand, and suitble for little children, teens and adults. Pocket-size so you can bring it to school or the office. Composed of eight tough nontoxic ABS plastic blocks linked together with strong stainless steel metal bearings, which is precisely machined and assembled and can be rotated from any direction
ENDLESS FUN – Take a break and fold it over and over again in your hands while you brainstorm ideas or are in bad mood. It’s the perfect office/class/home desk accessory, allowing you to fidget with one hand and work with the other
GREAT TOYS FOR FIDGETERS – Infinite Cube Ideal are perfect for people trying to quite nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and other attention disorder issues. Ergonomic curved shape are designed for hand comfort and long term usage, a good choice for killing time and helping relieve stress
ADDICTIVE FUN – Keeps your hands and mind busy and not on your cell phone. It’s also a great conversation piece. A fidget break while studying or working will relieve the built-up anxiety and stress, clearing your mind to tackle that project. Everybody should try it
FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Get it, try it. If you don’t like it, NO WORRIES, we provide a full money back guarantee! Ultimate gifts for all girls, boys, men and women, school students and office crowds for birthdays, Christmas and any other holidays. Caution: not suitable for a kid 3 years old and below.,


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