Horizon Jeweler Tool Kit – Portable Diamond Tester Pen with 60X LED Lighted Loupe Magnifying Glasses Combo

Horizon “Diamond Selector II” is a portable electronic device for distinguishing real diamonds from other simulated stones. It is designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond testing. Features

  • LED light and audio result indication
  • Accurate and reliable reading
  • Metal alert
  • Simple calibration for stones of various sizes
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Testing platform for loose stones Specifications
    • Dimensions: 6.5″ x 1.5″ x 0.75″ (Depth)
    • Weight: 5 Oz
    • Testing Capability: Diamonds, Diamond simulation (e.g. CZ), Metal
    • Color: Black
    • Auto Off: ” N/A
    • Initial warm-up time: ~ 20 sec.
    • Indicator: Audio and LED lamps
    • Power: One (1) 9V Battery(s) (included) One mini dual illuminated jeweler’s loupe with 60X high magnification power is included. This portable and versatile loupe can be used for jewelry, gemstone, document, and currency authentication.

✔️【Simple to Use】Horizon’s Diamond Tester Pen is simple to operate to get results, professional(s) are not required. Simply turn on our Diamond Tester Pen detector; place the tip of the Diamond Tester on the gem stone (lightly pressed is sufficient) and If the stone is fake, crystal or cubic zirconia, the tester will not beep. To determine the clarity of a diamond use Horizon’s 60X LED lighted Loupe, magnifying glasses.
✔️【Portable】Horizon’s Diamond Tester Pen and 60X LED Lighted Loupe each comes with its own convenient carrying cases. Both items are small and can fit into any purse or backpack. Horizon’s Diamond Tester Pen and 60X LED Lighted Loupe combo is a must have tool kit when you are going to a garage sale, flea market, swap meet, etc. Alternatively, its also a great tool to have when testing your own jewelry.
✔️【All-in-one Kit】At Horizon, we wanted to create a Diamond Tester Kit that you can use the moment you get it and so we did. Horizon’s Diamond Tester Kit come with Horizon’s Diamond Testing Pen, Horizon’s 60X Jeweler LED Loupe, convenient carrying cases, Horizon’s testing platform for loose stones.
✔️【Fast Results】Horizon’s Diamond Tester Pen is design to deliver fast, accurate results. You will be able to know if something is fake in a matter of seconds.
✔️【Intuitive Design】Horizon’s Diamond Tester Pen comes with LED lights and audio indication. During a test, if the stone tested is a diamond, the LED lights will light up as the stone passes each test conducted by the Diamond detector. Once our Diamond Tester Pen has completed all of its tests, the pen will make a beep sound as well as show a row of fully lite LED lights.,