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With Holocradle you can forget about plain black boring newtons cradle. Holocradle is made with a prismatic holographic high-quality wooden base that changes colors when is exposed to sunlight and artificial white light.

Due to its high-quality Holocradle will move smoothly for up to 50 seconds and the strings will never be tangled.


The holographic effect on the balls and wooden base reflect rainbow colors that are shiny and bright which
makes Holocradle stand out from all other office accessories
Holocradle is proudly designed in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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Perfect alignment that allow the cradles balls to move smoothly for an average of 40 seconds.

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We know your kid smile is priceless so we assure Holocradle will make your kids smile when they experience the shiny colors


Great present for office decoration, your boss, husband, wife, boyfriend, and/or girlfriend.

✮ NO MORE CHEAP CRADLES, with scratches, tangled balls, cheap paint or cheap packaging. Holocradle is made with a new technology that makes the balls in perfect alignment so you will never have to worry about the strings becoming tangled. Holocradle cool pendulum newton gadgets comes in a nice box with clear instructions on the back so you can set the cradle up easily in less than a minute. The beautiful colors and the fact that the balls move smoothly for up to 60 seconds make science more fun for kids and adults.
✮ NO MORE BORING, PLAIN NEWTON’S CRADLES. Holocradle is the only Newton’s cradle toy swinging metal fidget kinetic in the world that changes colors with light. Its unique design makes it change to holographic colors when exposed to sunlight or artificial white light, which makes it stand out from many other science or office products.
✮LEARNING IS MORE FUN. Holocradle large newton’s gadget is a perfect way for kids to learn about conservation of momentum and energy. They are great for psychology, science and physics classrooms and are also great for kids with ADHD or autism. The holographic colors help them to focus more and make Holocradle unique among any other Newton’s cradles on the market. Holocradle makes a great present for decorating an office. Holocradle is an effective way to relieve stress and frustration for children and office people.
✮ OUR PROMISE. We stand for customer service and high quality, so if by any chance your Holocradle breaks, even if it is your fault, we will send you a replacement or give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. Holocradle is proudly made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
✮ OUR MISSION. We are real people who use our products with our own family every day. We expect the best for our family and want the same for yours. Holocradle is a great desk accessories for men , desk gadgets , desk toy and perpetual motion desk toy,


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