Geomag Confetti Magnetic Buildings and Educational Games with 32 Pieces

51XD7PU1DqL. AC41AKIAXKbWL. AC41DBhT4kjmS. AC41Bt9X8FZaL. AC41QEqGLra+L. AC411iMiHw5CS. AC41EAf1Aih7L. AC41tBUL4klJL. AC416zrpXdMtL. AC41s4y1tcrTL. AC41wjdditNFL. AC412iMw6aDSL. AC buynow3 This starter kit is the perfect introduction to the world of Geomag. Only a few pieces will allow you to create your first magnetic constructions. The confetti 32 box set includes 9 spheres, 12 light blue, orange, red and green rods, and 11 total shape panels. The Geomag confetti line meets the needs of the most unbridled creativity. Amazing fun with an explosion of colors. Magnetic rods and non-magnetic steel spheres that come together to create a huge number of shapes. Geomag platforms allow for even more rigidity to structures, allowing to carry creations more easily. The spheres click into the platform and can remain there, becoming a base for endless construction possibilities. The confetti line is available in 4 boxes from 32 to 127 pieces. Geomag classic is an inventive system of simple construction made of 58 mm magnetic rods and steel spheres. A huge number of shapes, geometric figures and models of every kind can be constructed. Geomag stimulates creativity and logical reasoning. The variety of the shapes and their transformations make it possible to renew structures continuously. Imagination is all that is needed to create a unique masterpiece.Geomagworld SA is the manufacturer of Geomag toys. All products are designed both to entertain and to stimulate the imagination and curiosity. Geomag toy can also become an amusing pastime for the whole family, reuniting parents and children in an activity of extraordinary creativity. Geomag is produced in line with the strictest criteria of quality and safety typical of Swiss products and is manufactured in compliance with stringent European and American Safety standards.
The Geomag confetti range has been completely updated: colors, box design and number of pieces have all changed. The colorful base platforms make the structures more stable.
Explore your imagination: Geomag magnetic kits are the perfect way to express your creativity. There is virtually no limit to the creations that you can make. All you need is a kit and an active mind.
Magnetic toys are a wonderful way to play while exploring science. Geomag opens the door for all children to explore science, creativity, and engineering, all before they encounter it in school.
Geomag innovation: Our products help children of all ages develop and train their minds, imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction.
The confetti 32-piece box set includes 9 spheres, 12 magnetic rods, and 11 shape panels,


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