Geomag 126 Coffret de Magicube Free Building Set, 16 Cubes

51BOyCUagdL. AC41mDbGPNySL. AC41tNFcsySyL. AC31Tc7aF0lWL. AC416rcj7H0fL. AC buynow3 Magicube Free Building allows you to let your creativity flow freely. Watch as the set takes shape and develops with your imagination. Build amazing constructions with the 16 cubes set. There are no limits to your imagination. Geomag Magicube is a construction system created by Geomag, the leader in magnetic toys. Geomag has reinvented the classic building with cubes game and has made it incredibly fun and most of all magical! These cubes can stick together on any side. They can even remain suspended in the air! This way the structures become surprising and easy to build for everyone, even for very small children. All sets are compatible with each other.
MAGNETIC ENGINEERING – This set contains 16 magnetic coloured cubes. You can build to your heart’s content as the magnetic cubes attach to each other on every side.
Educational and stimulating – Each year, Geomag introduces new and innovative stem toys that entertain, delight, and stimulate young and growing mental faculties.
Assuring safe play – Geomag manufacturing complies with the most rigorous European and international safety standards.
This simple, fun and creative play activity encourages even the youngest of kids to develop their dexterity.,


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