Gem Cutter and Polisher KT-100 Magnetic Tumbler Polisher Machine Earrings Necklace Jewelry Finishing Jewelry Cleaning Machine 110V/220V Bench Grinder Polisher (Color : 220V)

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KT-100Magnetic Tumbler Jewelry Polisher 110V-220V Grinding and Polishing for the different materials of your jewelry
The superior performance of magnetic grinding and polishing machine lies in the drive disk using imported magnets, and the magnet is particularly strong, durable. when the disk is in the speed rotation state generated by the number of eddy current-shaped magnetic field lines,it can make the container magnetic force polishing pin in the revolving operation. At the same time it can also be independent high-speed rotation, compared with the general unidirectional magnetic field polisher, magnetic needle and the work piece friction rate increased several times, especially for the complex shape, the gap more work pieces, more fully embodies the unique Performance, this machine is suitable for platinum. Gold. Silver. Stainless steel and other non-magnetic metal grinding and polishing.

Technical Parameters
Power: 200W
Voltage: 110V -220V
Speed: 2000 rpm
Time Control: 10-60 minutes
Capacity: 0.55 lb
Item Weight: 6kg
Polishing Chamber Size: 110 x 100 mm

Magnetic Tumbler 100mm Polisher & Finisher
-Jewelry polisher tumbler polish without dead ends
-The magnetic tumbler can achieve deburring, chamfering, polishing, cleaning and other multiple effects
-Irregular parts, holes, tubular and other dead ends, cracks, etc. can be polished by magnetic tumbler
-The jewelry polisher tumbler can be more than one person operation ,you can custom time, processing speed, easy and safe operation, even polishing process without human intervention
-The machine is suitable for light metals, nonferrous metals, hard plastic precision parts, etc,


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