Game Answer Buzzer 2 Pcs, Game Buzzer Alarm Sound Play Button with Light Trivia Quiz Got Talent Buzzer Toys for Kids Adult

414PqYQT31L. AC41klIE0wSEL. AC41JG G6crqL. AC31aMr77MmJL. AC317INGRJK L. AC buynow3 Great Basic “buzz-in” Gameshow Buzzer for Quiz Games, Built for Durability and Versatility. Perfect Classroom Game and Family Game
Material: Plastic
Sound: 3-4 seconds
Light: 3-4 seconds
Color: Black + Red +Blue
Power Supply: 2xAA batteries/Unit(Not included)
Size: app.11×9.7×12.2cm/4.33×3.82×4.8in(LxWxH)
Package Include: 2 Pack

Buzzer Button with Light and Sound: Plastic material, built for durability, small system, easy to store, easy to operate
Size: app.11×9.7×12.2cm/4.33×3.82×4.8in(LxWxH), runs on only 2 AA batteries(Not included in it)
Easy to Use “buzz-in” Gameshow Buzzer: Simply hitting the buzzers to make it light up and it will buzz loudly. adds so much fun for your playing
A great buzzer for your home quiz evenings, perfect classroom game accessory, family game night competitors rejoice
Great for Gaming and Competition:Great party contest prop toy for play competitive question and answer games, response buzzers let competitors easily buzz when they have an answer,


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