Funshpiel Magnetic Wood Checkers and Chess Set – Premium Handcrafted Chess Board Set with 2 Extra Queens, Chess and Checkers Set for Kids and Adults, Compact and Foldable Design, 15-inch Board Games

There is nothing more fun or mentally challenging than a good game of chess or checkers. These classic games are a must-have in any trip or afternoon with your family and friends, so investing in a premium wooden checkers and chess board game is important. That is why we have designed a stunning 2-in-1 set that combines a foldable chess set and wood checkers into the same ensemble for more practicality and fun!
The amazing chess table set is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. The pieces use strong magnets for better adhesion to the board, which makes it easier for all players to keep track of the game and move the pieces around. The magnetic chess pieces and checkers are handmade by experienced artisans who make sure every single detail is virtually flawless.
What makes our product special?
The amazing chess set wood folding is like nothing else you’ve seen before. The chess magnetic set also includes checkers, so you double the fun with a single foldable board that is super compact and easy to carry. The pieces have an anti-scratch bottom design that helps to keep the board intact for many years to come.
Some features to keep in mind about our product:
Board size: 15-inch;
Wooden game;
2-in-1 board with chess and checkers;
Ideal for kids and adults;
Handmade pieces;
Carry bag included;
The set includes 32 chess pieces and 2 additional queens;
Foldable board;
Compact and lightweight;
Magnetic chess pieces and checkers;
Durable and long-lasting;
Elegant and thoughtful gift for family and friends.
Let the fun begin with Funshpiel magnetic chess and checkers set!

Challenge Your Strategic Mind: Our magnetic chess and checkers game set is a great way to have fun and practice your problem-solving skills. Includes a chess set and a checkers board game for adults
Premium Crafting: This magnetic wooden chess set features a total of 34 pieces handcrafted to perfection. The magnetic checkers are also handcrafted from the same premium wood and well-polished.
This magnetic chess board set has a 15-inch foldable board, allowing you to store the pieces on the back of the chess boards. It comes with a carry bag protecting the chess game from scratches.
Our ajedrez profesional chess sets for adults are magnetic, which ensures more security and stability for every piece on the board. So it’s more comfortable to move the pieces even in a car or train.
The magnetic chess set is a great gift for your family and friends. The portable chess set pieces have a special anti-scratching bottom that protects the board and helps to avoid chips and marks.,