Four Brothers Magnetic Hematite Balls for Stress and Anxiety Relief – Sphere Magnets for Fun and Scientific and Developmental Learning – Magnetic Hematite Zinger (25mm)

31cNSfCiJaL. AC315r3cr21RL. AC31AvtLNzoYL. AC21jJFCnH9cL. AC31CoAymubTL. AC buynow3 Are you looking for a useful product to entertain your kids? Then you are at the right place. Try our hematite magnetic balls from Four Brother Products that not only let your kids play but also helps in improving their brainpower, and concentration. STRESS RELIEVING TOY FOR EVERYONE: Our magnetic fidget balls are made using high-quality hematite which is strong and durable. The surface of the magnetic balls is smooth and well-polished which gives a shining appearance. These ball magnets contain one North and one South pole on the opposite sides of the sphere that acts similar to a usual magnet. It will attach to various magnetic items. Unlike other magnets, it won’t crack easily and won’t get rusted. Gently toss two balls in the air and watch as the strong magnetic fields pull the balls together and produce a rattling sound. Ease your stress and anxiety. Our hematite balls are designed to help you calm and relaxed. AMAZING GIFT OPTION: Surprise your kids, co-workers or friends by gifting them this set of magnetic fidget toy balls. Great for any occasions. Buy a set today and experience for yourself the magic of hematite.
🧲QUALITY-CRAFTED: Our magnetic balls are made using high-quality hematite that makes the magnetic balls sturdy and durable. They are smooth, well-polished, and get attracted to all magnetic surfaces. Unlike other cheaper magnets, it won’t cracked easily and won’t rust.
🧲FUN-FILLED TOY: Allow your kids to learn about the basics of magnetics. These magnetic balls have one North and one South pole on the opposite sides of the sphere. You can toss them in the air and watch as the polar fields draw the balls together. When they make contact with each other they will vibrate rapidly creating a rattling sound.
🧲STRESS RELIEVER: Our magnet balls are not only meant for playing, but also for soothing. Allow the balls to roll around in your hand, feel the perfectly smooth surface as it rolls on you skin. Release that stress and nervousness and enjoy a calming moment of meditation while distracting you worries.
🧲HEALTH BENEFITS: Generally, it is believed that hematite is effective in healing and helps in balancing your energies. And according to various research and studies, hematite also helps in regulates the blood flow.
🧲IDEAL GIFT CHOICE: Great gift for anyone and everyone in your live. ****Supervision is necessary for small children since they present a choking hazard. This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.,


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