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flynova pro flying spinner 2022flynova pro flying spinner 2022

Why We Designed These Cool Toys?

In this era of rapid Internet development, children also have more opportunities to contact electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and TVs, and they are easy to indulge in them. As a result, the child lacks exercise and communication with others. For this reason, we have developed this challenging flying orb ball that can stimulate children’s interest and make them move.

Who We Are?

We are a group of toy designers, engineers and dreamers who believe that life should be the perfect balance between work, friendship and fun.

cosmic fly orbcosmic fly orb

flying space orb 2022 upgradedflying space orb 2022 upgraded

How To Play:

Turn on the power button and hold the infinity orb upwards. (“UP” sign facing upwards)

Then just shake it and the engine will start. You will quickly understand the infinite possibilities for the flying ball. (If you wish to stop playing, just shake it and stop the spinning.)

Rich Flying Skills

You can control the angle of the ifly spinner to change the flight path.

Straight Flight: Hold the flying spinner (horizontal and vertical to the ground) with your hand, then tilt it down 15° to 45° and throw it out, then it can fly straight in the direction you throw it. Suitable for multiplayer games, passing and receiving the flying ball back and forth, very interesting.Fly As A Boomerang: Hold the flying orb (horizontal and vertical to the ground) with your hand, then tilt it upwards 15° to 45° and throw it out. The flying toys will fly back to your hand in the original direction.

flying drone ballflying drone ball

hover balls for kidshover balls for kids

Higher-level Gameplay

Turning Flying: Hold the boomerang ball (horizontal and vertical to the ground) with your hand, then tilt it 15° to 45° to the upper left or upper right and throw it out. The magic ball will fly out in an offset direction and then fly back to another target position along the offset direction.Hover Ball: Hold the floating ball(horizontal and vertical to the ground) with your hand, then release the rotating fly orb, place your palm on the bottom 1cm-5cm, and move slowly. The fly ball floating in the air will move slowly with the palm of your hand. Just like magic, this is the charm of flying balls.Built-in RGB Light Bar: Cool dynamic lighting makes it look like a neon meteor. Whether it is day or night, it will be particularly eye-catching.Explore The Infinite Possibilities: The design of the UFO mini drone flying ball is based on the principle of aviation flight. You can control the flight trajectory by controlling the angle of the flying ball toy. There are more flight modes waiting for you to unlock and find more fun.

floating ballfloating ball

Safe And Durable

Appearance Design: Spherical, surrounded by dense grid; Keeps your hands 100% safe.Material: Non-toxic high-quality ABS material which is surprisingly soft and light. It can take all the bumps and scrapes you throw at it. Our flying orb balls undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure their durability.

drone ball that comes back to youdrone ball that comes back to you

【Design Concept of The Flying Orb Ball】Spherical appearance, powerful engine, function based on aviation flight principle, which can realize a variety of flight modes. This cool stuff not only brings fun to play but also helps to improve children’s hands-on ability, operating skills, intelligence, and creativity.
【Rich Flying Skills】You can control the flying ball to float, glide and climb in the air, or throw it out and fly back like a boomerang, just like you have magic. Control the angle of the flying toys to change the flight path, unlock and explore endless possibilities, let the magic happen. TIMRZER
【Safe And Durable】This hover ball is designed with dense mesh and full coverage, non-toxic high-quality ABS material, which is flexible, light, and impact resistant. Intelligent protection, when this kids toys hits the wall or collides with other objects, it will automatically stop flying. These cool toys have passed the child safety test, children can play worry-free.
【Wide Audience/Applicability】This fun stuff is suitable for children(Over 6 years) and adults. Whether individuals or multiple people, they can get unlimited fun through different ways of playing. Perfect to use it at home, school, party or office, what a joyful entertainment time. (USB fast charging, fully charged in 25 minutes, supports 30 minutes for discontinuous operation, or 8-10 minutes for continuous operation.
【Ideal Gift Choice】This advanced and novel boomerang ball will become the most eye-catching toy, which can bring endless fun in a series of activities such as birthdays, parties, outdoor garden yard etc. It is the cool gifts for kids on Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, New Year, etc. Also the best birthday gifts for 6 7 8 9 10+ year old boys girls. We have detailed instructional videos and detailed instructions, please read them carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.,


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