Exquiss 8 Pcs Necklace Extenders for Women Necklace Extenders Gold Silver Necklace Chain Extenders Jewelry Magnetic Necklace Extenders Bracelet Necklace Extender Chains Set 4 Sizes 6″ 4″ 3″ 2″

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Package includes: 8 pcs magnetic necklace extenders in gold and silver color. 2 pcs for each sizes: 6”-4”-3”-2” (5 cm /7.5 cm /10 cm /15 cm).
Easily and conveniently to make your necklace to be adjustable. Suitable for DIY jewelry making. Easy to wear and increase your attraction in any occasion.
Get the length you need with our necklace extenders, designed to incorporate effortlessly into your favourite necklace in your choice of gold or silver.
Using powerful interlocking magnets for effortless attachment these magnetic necklace extenders add extra length to necklaces, bracelets, or anklets.,


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