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Ship from USA Via US Shipping service “Diamond Selector II” is a portable electronic device for distinguishing real diamonds from other simulated stones. It is designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond testing. One mini jeweler’s loupe with 60X magnification power is included. This portable and versatile loupe can be used for jewelry, gemstone, document, and currency authentication. Dimensions 6.5″ x 1.5″ x 0.75″ (Depth) Weight 5 oz Testing Capability Diamonds Diamond simulation (e.g. CZ) Items Included One portable diamond tester (V2) One vinyl carrying case One testing platform One 9V battery One mini 60X jeweler’s loupe One vinyl carrying case User’s manuals
LED light and audio result indication
Accurate and reliable reading, Metal alert
Simple calibration for stones of various sizes Convenient carrying case
Testing platform for loose stones
Built-in LED and fluorescence lights for normal illumination and currency detection (batteries are pre-installed) Easy focus adjustment Convenient carrying pouch,