Dangerous Threads 18-Pack Veg Vegetable Tan Cowhide Leather 3 1/4″ Round Rounders: Coaster, Carving, Dying, Stamping, Laser Engraving

Genuine Topgrain Veg Tan Cowhide. Dangerous Threads’ Leather Products (our Amazon-registered branded products) are manufactured according to our exact specifications, then carefully cut, packaged and shipped exclusively from our factory as shown. Dangerous Threads, Inc. has no other wholesaler, distributor, or sales agent of any kind that distributes our registered branded products.
Genuine Veg Tan Leather Rounds 3 1/4″
Precison die cut, 8 ounce belt weight leather, 3.2 to 4mm (about 1/8″)
Great for Painting, Carving, Embossing, Laser Engraving,