COZYMASS Port Cabin Building Set Model Kit and Gift for Kids and Adults with 2 Figure

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Gift for Kids and Adults: fun entertainment games, suitable for gifts for children and adults over 14 years old. After finishing the work, collect it at home, hurry up to build and display world-famous handicrafts and exquisite 3D art works. A good gift for Christmas/Birthday/Valentine’s Day gifts. Finishing it by yourselves are more meaningful.
Similar to LEGO but not lego: Port Cabin building block set, through the assembly of building blocks, training children’s physical coordination ability. Improve innovation ability and cognitive ability. Due to the huge scale of the project, families can gather together and at the same time promote communication between family members. Have a good time together
Super high playability: The mini-block group consists of 600 pcs micro blocks, including detailed step-by-step color instructions, and exquisite details of various sizes and color components. This River Windmill Model Building Set micro block has an excellent building experience, more challenging, complex and detailed than any other building block. Therefore, after completing the work, I have a more sense of accomplishment.
Good-quality mini building blocks:Architecture Port Cabin Collection building set is made of original ABS material, durable plastic set. The building blocks are as small as 4 mm x 5 mm, and the smaller the building block, the better.
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