Compatible for Magnetic Fidget Sphere Pentagons 12 Pcs Set Magnet Building Blocks Toys, Stress Relief Fun Desk Fidget Toys ​​for Adults Man Woman Purple


1. Material: ABS + Rare Earth Magnet

2. Dimension: 3.2″ x 3.2″ x 1.4″

3. Net Weight: 0.17 lbs

4. Shape: Over 100 Possibilities

Package Information:

– 1 x Magnetic Fidget Sphere

– 1 x User Manual

【Magic Magnetic Fidget Sphere Toys】This magnetic puzzle pentagon toy is powered by 60 rare earth magnetic balls – STACKABLE, SHAKEABLE, SNAPPABLE, BUILDABLE. More fidgeting fun than a fidget spinner.
【Vent Your Fidget Emotions 】When in a bad mood, feel free to squeeze, vent or use your hands as hammers to mess up your masterpieces, it will relax you a lot! When it’s a mess, pile them up in your hands and shake them hard. The pentagons will magically align every time!
【Over 100 Possibilities】The included guide will get you started from the ground up, just use your creative passion, and with its randomly reconfigured structure, trust me! you can definitely make amazing models! Use your creativity to take your desk from dull to amazing!
【Reversible Pieces】Magnetic Fidget Sphere can be flipped at will, when you need to make large models, it is easier to find the right color, and the staggered colors will make your model even cooler!
【Ages 14+】Please keep away from all children.,