CMS MAGNETICS 156 PC Magnetic Building Set w/ 2.29″ Long Multi-Color Sticks, Magnetic Building Toy for Kids & Adults, Educational Preschool Magnetic Learning Toy, Building Blocks & Tiles

51X+ODT VyL. AC61SdFteR7GL. AC51d9ELF3ijL. AC51lP6jw QAL. AC buynow3 This Magic Magnetic Building Set is a fun and stimulating way to foster creativity in children by allowing them to bring their imagination to life. The magnetic rods in this set are made with solid steel cores covered in durable plastic, able to stand up to the rigors of everyday play. The steel spheres included are coated in chrome and not magnetic, but will securely attach to the magnetic rods, allowing for larger and more complex creations to be made.

Items Included:
96 magnetic rods (2.26” in length) covered in colorful plastic
60 non-magnetic steel spheres (0.5” in diameter) coated in chrome.

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FUN FOR ALL AGES (5yrs and up). Non-toxic quality magnetic rods and steel spheres made with craftsmanship offer unlimited fun for whole family for years to come
PERFECT GIFT. Great Building Toy Set for seasonal or birthday gift.
EDUCATIONAL & STIMULATING. Build geometric shapes, molecules, buildings, and pyramids. Create unique patterns and vivid designs with colorful magnets. Great tool for school teachers to encourage brain development. Bright primary colors are used to appeal and stimulate the brain.
Includes 96 colorful magnetic rods (2.26” in length) and 60 non-magnetic steel spheres (0.5” in diameter),


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