CICITOYWO Wooden Magnetic Fishing Board Game Toy Set ABC Alphabet Color Sorting Puzzle Montessori Letters Motor Skill Toys Preschool Gift for Toddlers 2 3 4 5 Year Old Girls Boys Kids (Fishing Game)

41nTaQlVerS. AC51thntnjiNS. AC51s1cbkYYfS. AC41HyHaS2R2S. AC buynow3 Fishing is one of the most interesting thing in our childhood!
However the real fishing play might be too dangerous for your kids,

then our wooden fishing game toy set will be a better choice.
Featured with high quality nature wood, our fishing toys set is smooth and safe for children to play with,

the lightweight design make your little ones pick up the vibrant fish with no effort.  
Use the magnetic fishing rods to see who can hook up the most fish, before releasing them back into their natural habitat!

Can you catch them all?
It’s a fun game to help your preschooler to catch not only colorful fish, but some early education as well.
This magnetic fishing game toys set features 26 colorful fish with ABCs,toddlers and preschoolers can learn simple colors and alphabets,

sort and count with the counting fishing game, or just enjoy pretend fishing for fun.
Select as same as the letter and color piece of fish and use the aide of magnetic rods then put the correct letter back to the corresponding groove.

This series of actions will improve baby’s fine motor skill, problem resolving skill and patience.
How to Play?
1. Set up the exercise by placing all the fish, on our fishing pool or the ground.

Show the child how to catch a fish by dangling the fishing rod magnet near the fish’s head to “catch” it,

taking the fish off the line, and then reading the alphabets and identify the color.
2. As the children play the game, if they get the ABCs or color correct, they keep the fish, making a pile by their side.
3. If they don’t get correct, we give the child some practice with the alphabet or color.

Then we return the fish to the pool for them to catch again later in the game.
4. The game ends when all the
【Fun Fishing Game Toy】 this wooden fishing game toy set is a Montessori-type teaching game toy designed for kids over 2 year old. “Catch” the colorful sea friends with magnetic toy fishing pole, kids will create curiosity and interest to sea and rivers while enjoy the pure fishing game.
【Early Educational Toy】Used with finger or attached magnetic fishing rods to sort/match the letters, this preschool educational fishing toy can help kids experience color and learn their ABC’s, train their hand-eye-coordination and develop important motor skills.
【Lightweight Design for Easy Pick-up】Featured with strong magnet design, kids are easily to catch the vibrant fish by the toy fishing pole. The wooden fishing game toys set is also lightweight design, easy to operate for little hands and fun!
【Safe and Natural Wooden Toys】Made of high quality natural wood material with smooth surface and curves, non-toxic water painting, no chipping nor rubbing off, durable and safe for kids playing.
【Great Fishing Toy Gift】Younger kids are always big fans of “fishing game”, and this especially designed creative wooden fishing toy is a great option for birthdays and Christmas as it combines education and fun in a simple game.,


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